friday, i’m in love (4)

I know that you know how hot is it.  No matter where you live, this heat wave is breaking news.  Excessive heat is gross for most people (I’ve always been a complete bear when it is hotter than 80 degrees), but it’s downright scary to be pregnant in this weather.  I keep reading horror stories about dehydration leading to premature labor and other complications.  Suffice it to say, I’ve spent every possible moment parked in our tiny bedroom in front of the AC, or in a restaurant/store, and even visited my friend for some swimming this afternoon.  Yes, I brought two different types of sunscreen with a combined SPF of 120 for a total of 90 minutes spent outside. I’m really not meant for anything more extreme than autumn breezes.

Too much zombie AC time this week was spent avoiding homework and browsing for gems of cute on the internet:

I love this print from Etsy seller Paperfingers.  I’m thinking Milo’s nursery, over the nursing chair.

I also like this wall-mounted light for the same spot; soft lighting for nighttime feedings with Mama.

Sadly, this coat from Etsy seller littlegoodall is sold out, but it’s so precious.

These shoes would be so cute with fun socks and jeans or cords.  I will wait to see what size my feet post-baby before purchasing.

We’re planning a pre-vacation garage sale.  These tips were gave me more inspiration.

Have you seen anything spectacularly cute this week?  More importantly, how are you staying cool?  I need tips, people.  Let me know!


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love (4)

    • Yes, but in FL you get the central air standard! I hope you guys are running it! I’m being crafty to find AC and the pool was amazing yesterday. Back to the 80s tomorrow!!

      Ben and I are both so wiped from this busy summer. At least 3 times a day we turn to each other and say, “Florida is going to be such a good vacation.” We can’t wait to see you!

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