friday, i’m in love (3)

During the first few weeks of summer, I was lovely lazy.  I dreamed about reading lengthy books and doing complex house projects.  Then, on July 11th,  teaching summer school and my summer grad classes started.  And I realized that, until August 11th, that’s really all I’ll be doing.  I doubt you need updates on my assignments about current events in special education.  So I’ll try to at least checking in with the cute things that float across my screen when I’m procrastinating on discussion board questions.

I already have plans to buy this bathing suit for my first post-pregnancy summer.

Illustrated Tweet of the Day on HelloGiggles.  I absolutely adore these.

I loved this article about being a grown up (via yes and yes).

This checklist is getting me excited to go on vacation.

A refreshing take on impending motherhood.

Did you see anything cool/cute/inspiring this week?  To be honest, the most emotional thing about my week was the release of the last Harry Potter movie, but that’s a subject for a far nerdier post.  Until then…


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