Library Haul, July 5th

In the summer I get much more disciplined about my library usage: I typically return books before the fines have gone into double-digits, and I almost always pick up my requested books before they send them back.  Here is what I scored on a visit yesterday:

1. The Little Lady Agency and The Prince by Hester Browne:  I started reading this fluffy series last summer when I was in my aforementioned chick-lit phase.  The first two books are cute and predictable, with nail-biting miscommunications that remind me of the Shopaholic series.  Something about the plot never sat right with me, and I got the resolution I wanted in this third book.  How do I know?  Because I read the last few pages before I even checked it out.  I do not need to hear about how unorthodox/insane/absurd this is.  I am well aware that I am weird, but knowing the end of certain things helps me enjoy them more.

2. Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne: This was suggested to me by bloggers and friends and is also one of the most recent books that I requested and got sent back before I got my bum over to pick it up.  Second times the charm- it’s mine now and I have already read the first 15 pages or so, just to get a feel.  It’s witty and funny, a 13-year-old boy’s journal.  There’s lots of angst, masturbation, and a prevailing sense that the adults are much stupider than the teenagers.  This is exactly what I remember about my teen years.  I’m looking forward to reading more.

3.  Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick (audiobook):  I like to always have an audiobook in the car.  I picked this absolutely randomly off the shelf because I couldn’t find A Short History of Nearly Everything and was in the mood for something nonfiction.  I really do love history, especially related to New England life, and I think I will enjoy this as soon as my car radio starts working again.  Something about the heat makes the wiring go all finicky and it’s a crapshoot to know if it will work or not.  I guess my car and I have something in common.

Once summer school starts, I’ll be grabbing more kid selections, and I also requested about five books while I was waiting for my sweat to dry browsing when I first got there.  If I keep up with sharing my library hauls, maybe I’ll actually remember what I’ve read!  Are you reading anything good?  What’s your first stop in the library?


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