Coastal Adventures

Laurel came and stayed over night.  On Saturday morning, the weather was perfect and Ben was in the mood for an adventure, so we decided to head out and be tourists on the North Shore.

We started at one of my favorite breakfast diners in town:

Next, we began driving towards Newburyport.  Laurel had never been, and it’s one of Ben and I’s favorite places to waste an afternoon.  We browsed through the little shops, bought candy, ice cream, and slush (respectively), and walked along the waterfront:

The day was absolutely gorgeous and I had such an amazing time.  One of my favorite stops of the day was a new children’s store called Lively Kids- pricey, adorable stuff.  Laurel bought Milo a Sophie the Giraffe teether that I was obsessing over, which totally made my day.  Ben and I also got an awesome clock for the kitchen from the flea market.  Sitting on the dock, Laurel decided that we need boats:

After a quick stop at Ben’s parent’s house and Marini Farms (blueberries and fresh bread!), we headed back to Central Mass.  I think it was the first perfect summer day I’ve had in years.


2 thoughts on “Coastal Adventures

  1. I am jealous and happy at the same time. I want to go to the British Imports store with you! Your baby bump is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. (And our initial idea of “hiding” your bump to get you on the cruise ship is really funny now.) You are a beautiful mama to be and I’m so glad that my MA babies had a beautiful day.

  2. Mama, we were thinking of you the entire time we were in the British store! Yeah, the bump is shockingly obvious at this point…it would have been difficult to hide. I miss you a lot!

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