gloworm letters blog makeover!

I just spent most of the morning working on making my other blog, The Gloworm Letters, a little more ascetically pleasing.  I’ve said before that I love reading blogs and I have some major blog envy; there are some SERIOUSLY well-designed blogs that I go to just to stare at the graphics and lust over the clever little buttons.  My skill set is small, but I try to do my best using pre-made themes and dream of the day when I can hire someone to overhaul my labors of love.

Until that day comes, I can get some help from super sweet Amy over at A is for Ampersand!  Not only does Amy frequently create free downloadable blog clip art for her readers, but today she featured a tutorial about how to use a free program called Fotoflexer to utilize that clip art if you are lacking Photoshop, or any discernible graphic design skills (ahem).  Even though it’s painfully simple, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of layering the images (I think it might not work as well with my browser?  I’m getting to the bottom of it), but I did take time to play with some other Fotoflexer magic, such as adding borders and text to images.  I’m aware that most of the internet-using public has been adding borders and text to their images since Livejournal was the premier blogging platform, but this was a breakthrough for me, okay?

I messed around with adding some belly shot images to my pregnancy blog.  Here is an example of the cute results:

I think the borders make it look a little more special, especially in this case where the page is image-only.  I really liked this font that came standard with the text adding feature.

I also added a cute little picture border to the image for “Gloworm Family”:

Very subtle, but adds just enough that I feel like I’ve spruced things up.

I can’t wait to spend more of my first week of summer vacation playing with Fotoflexer and trying to make use of the real star of the show, Amy’s free clip art- the picture frames are my favorite, and I love the banners.  I really am thrilled that such a talented lady is so open to sharing and making this incredible hobby more accessible to more people- thank you!

People, talk to me: Hop over and let me know what you think of  The Gloworm Letters’ new look.  What photo-editing software do you use?  How did you learn to make your blog personalized?  Do you still livejournal?  (I hope so.)  Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “gloworm letters blog makeover!

    • I know, I use everything available from the hosting site, but I have no skills beyond that! We should take a blog-designing course, I bet they exist. Why weren’t we nerdy enough in high school?? Oh yeah, we were, just not about computers :)

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