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Ben has been gone all weekend.  Last weekend he was gone all day Saturday.  He’ll be gone at least one day every weekend until the end of July, when I’ll endure four entire days without my partner in crime.  He spends his evenings e-mailing cast and crew members and organizing the pick up of authentic 80s props he finds on craigslist.  Ben is finally making one of his scripts into a real live movie (trailer), and I could not be more proud of him.

I met Ben when he was a film student in college.  Our first few weeks dating, he was on location for a final project called Booth, and throughout his finishing school, getting a job, and finding an apartment to keep his new fiancee safe and dry, he was always working on one film shoot or another.  While lots of his friends went off to internships in LA or New York, Ben worked full time and paid the bills while I finished school and we planned our wedding.

Even while we moved around the country, away from the projects his friends were working on, he was always writing.  His real talents lie in writing and directing.  He writes great 80s slasher flicks, had a great zombie full-length before zombies got cool again, and his 90’s coming-of-age-semi-autobiographical script was written with deliberate love.  Among our friends, the favorite is his killer shit movie.  I personally like his fantasy trilogy, but that’s my genre.  He also has a ton of hilarious shorts, among them “Bachelor Pad” and “Asses of War.”  Just writing out the things he’s written that I’ve loved makes me realize how prolific my nine-to-fiver has been over the past ten or so years.  It also makes me realize how proud I truly am of his talent.

Right now, he and his good friends are pouring incredible dedication and energy into a trailer for one of Ben’s horror films, Shook.  Set in the 80s and heavy on creative mutilation deaths, they have their work cut out for them as far as costumes, props, sets, and effects, but everyone is enthusiastic and watching one of the scripts I read sitting at my desk come to live is exciting for me.  Watching Ben in action is even better.

I’m at a silly, clingy, hormonal stage in my pregnancy, and even when there is a three-hour overlap in our work schedules, I really miss being around my best friend.  Still, I understand how momentous this project is, and I know that through out the years, Ben has sacrificed so much so we can have a strong family.  I can’t begrudge him this chance to do the work that he truly loves and is really good at.

Mind you, he’s doing all this while working overtime to save for my maternity leave, and literally gives me a foot rub every night, no matter when he makes it home.  I’m so glad that this opportunity is so well-timed, and I can’t wait to see what comes of this labor of love.

For a little taste of movie-making magic from the FSC film department, the trailer below stars Ben and was made by his good friend, Vatche.  They entered it in Brattle Theater’s Trailer Smackdown 2010, and they won!  All day they’ve been shooting the sequel for entry in this year’s smackdown.  I’ll let you know how they do.

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