holy moly me oh my

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt completely satisfied at the end of a week.  I think the end of the school year hit me harder than I was willing to admit.  The kicker was yesterday morning, the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, when I got in two hours before the kids were due to arrive and promptly began throwing up.  I wanted to solider through- I had my classroom to pack up, my sweet kids to say goodbye to, and after-school BBQs and get-togethers to celebrate.  Unfortunately, this was a nasty stomach bug, and I ended up leaving as soon as I had said goodbye to my students, with none of the “hug or a handshake?” ceremony I wanted to use.

Disappointed and grumpy, I slept it off, and today I’m slogging through a huge list of chores to get my house back into cozy order.  Suffice it to say, I woke this morning to piles of laundry, crumpled tissues, half-empty bottles of vitamin water, overflowing dishes, and a pot of rice I forgot to cover and left on the stove.  Here is my accomplishment list:

1. Wash dirty clothes

2. Wash all bedding and pillow cases (die, germs, die.)

3. Sort through baby/end-of-year gifts, write thank you notes, put away gift bags

4. Hang pictures/ artwork in the bedroom

5. Dust all surfaces, get rid of pollen on the windowsills

6. Find homes for Ben’s Star Wars memoribilla in the living room

7. Vacuum all rooms

8. Dishes.  Gross.

9. Empty all toiletries and storage from the bathroom (re-modelers coming Monday!)

10. Vacuum, dust, and generally prepare the sunporch for summer use

11. Mow front and back lawns

12. Weed the front flower bed

Shit.  It looks like I’ve finished all the fun stuff.  This is only the house cleaning list- I also need to call the insurance company, shift money and pay for my summer courses, and head back to school to finish packing up my classroom before the janitors have my head.  I’m off to find a good movie and buckle down to get my home super cozy.

What are your weekend plans?  Tell me about life beyond obsessive nesting, I’ll live vicariously through you!

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One thought on “holy moly me oh my

  1. I have had one of those weekends where you do absolutely nothing and I don’t feel bad about it.

    I should clean my house since I am having everyone from work here next Saturday and once my feel hit the floor tomorrow morning I will not have a free moment until next Friday evening. But instead, I haven’t lifted a finger to do any of it.

    I should go through my clothing and decide what I need to finish my packing for the cruise (I am going to miss you terribly by the way) but instead, I washed clothes and they are still in the basket. I DID go shopping and in the middle of it all, I just left everything in the dressing room and walked out. I sometimes think I am not a REAL woman because I truly hate shopping.

    I should go downstairs right now and cook healthy food to take to work all week so I am not tempted by all the junk my coworkers bring into the break room and torture me with. But instead, it is 6:18 and I am still sitting in the office typing this in order to avoid the cooking, pile of dishes and hungry husband who is yelling up to me as I type.

    My weekend has been not been incredibly productive and there was a day when I would have beaten myself up about it. But not today. It’s all good.

    Your Mama <3

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