friday, i’m in love (1)

I hope your week was lovely!  Where I live, we had some wildness in the form of spiking heat followed by insane thunderstorms- a pattern that can shake up the routine of our humble, unairconditioned kindergarten classroom.  I brought in the bottle we spray Penguin with to keep him off furniture.  Switched to the “mist” setting, it was a makeshift portable water park, and the kids were really cute, giggling and shrieking and begging “mist me!”

I amazed myself by following through on some of my June goals, but I’m capable of much, much more.  I’ll share something I thought of while puffing away on the exercise bike; it just may be the key to plowing through some of the more mundane stuff.  No amount of heat exhaustion can keep me from mindless internet browsing, though, so here are some things I was loving this week:

I think this song plays whenever Ben and I go for a walk around the block while our homemade pizza is cooling.  It is also probably what I hear in the background when I’m putting out the trash cans on Thursday night and taking 10 minutes to collect all the sticks that have fallen from our shady maple out front.  I heard it on Pandora first, and really prefer hearing this song to watching the video…I wonder if it effects any other suburbians like it did me.

This Etsy shop has stolen my heart.  I came across the print above while reading a article about nursery themes; it was hanging next to a tiny alcove, screaming at me to notice it.  My Papa has sung You Are My Sunshine to every one of his grandchildren.  We’ve always lived a decent car drive away from my mother’s father, but he would call and sing to us and tell us we must have been taking our pretty pills, commenting on the one minute time difference between Vermont and Pennsylvania.  I don’t know how often my son will get to see my Papa, but I know he’ll hear You Are My Sunshine scratchily sung…in short, I need this print.

The rest of their stuff is GORGEOUS.  Quotes, platitudes, maps, and an amazing alphabet all caught my eye.  Need to give Ben a head’s up about this shop…he is amazing gift giver and keeps notes on my favorites.  What a guy.


Oh hey!  Here’s that nursery post I was talking about above.  I recently added two Babble blogs to my Google Reader: Baby’s First Year and Being Pregnant.  I have a mixed reaction to following baby blogs that go any deeper than gratuitous pictures of cute family life.  On one hand, my ignorance is vast and I love reading about certain practicalities of pregnancy and little tiny babies.  On the other hand, I’ve found that information can be my worst enemy in my current state; I’m already prone to hypochondria and I’ve cried about stroller safety and crib bumper dilemmas.  Let’s just say I skip any entry that has a questionable title.  At the end of the day, we all know I’m basically going to go with whatever my mother thinks is best, so I should save myself the stress.

These nurseries, though, are SUPER cute!  For the beebs, I don’t want any monkeys or sailboats or sheepy themes.  I didn’t like any of the bedding sets in Target or Babies ‘R Us and a lot of the stuff that my sister and mom thought was cute didn’t sit right with me.  Right now we have mismatched furniture and some star garlands from 10000 Villages, a bookcase with a Star Wars theme, and the same gray walls that were there before.  It’s going to be ADORABLE.

Have you seen/heard anything this week that makes you swoon?  Any wonderful weekend plans I need to know about?  Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy yourself.  xoxox.

(Images are via The Wheatfield and Babble, respectively.  Click through to find the source)


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