june goals

I’m an over-achiever when it comes to setting goals.  Please note that I said setting goals, not reaching goals or even ever acknowledging them again.  Flip through the archives; you’ll find September new-school-year goals, December new-calendar-year goals, and sprinklings of random high hopes in many of the months in between.  You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now.  But I haven’t, so here is what I hope to get done in June.


School Goals

June is our wrap-up month, but this year, we are actually in school until the 24th.  This is the latest into the summer I’ve taught, and it’s going to take some creativity to keep the kids interested.

1. Make an end-of-year slideshow.  Bonus: Have the students narrate some of the photos.

2. Add a short note with a compliment and a simple summer task to each report card.

Business Goals

I have a TON of paperwork procrastinating tasks that I need to clear up before this month is done.  They mostly focus on raising my salary and getting grad courses taken care of this summer.  Boring, stressful, and really important.  If this sounds like jumble jargon to you, I do apologize.  Writing this down is going to help me go from panic attacks to a plan of attack.

1. Complete 2011-2012 FASFA and Summer Financial Aid paperwork

2. Request to be reenrolled in my grad program at Fitchburg State

3. Fill out brown Course Request forms for central office

4. Write a letter apologizing for filling out said forms after the courses have been taken

5. Have official transcript sent from Fitchburg State to central office

Blogging Goals

I love writing here.  I love that I have a record of the silly and small things that make me exceedingly happy.  I love reading about the mundane details about other people’s lives.  I love expressing myself in a tiny corner of the universe.  Sometimes blogging feels a little egocentric or narcissistic- it’s probably both.  I don’t really care.  I love it.

1. Update my “simple girl reads” page.  I have a much different daily go-to list, and I want to incorporate blog buttons.

2. Update my “simple girl’s 25” list.  I’m already halfway to 26 and my list needs a thorough overhaul.  I’m saving a few things for post-pregnancy/breastfeeding, and the rest will be designed with my last few child-less months in mind.

Health Goals

I have 5 months left to be hosting a second person within myself.  Pregnancy is a really interesting time- it’s perfectly acceptable to eat lots of sweets, not exercise, and buy new clothes every time you grow out of old ones.  In some ways, those things are necessary side effects of the changes my body is going through.  In other ways, my baby deserves a healthier start than that.  At the 5 month mark, I want to take some steps to try and ease myself through these crazy transitions my body is undergoing.

1. Use the Babyfit food tracker every weekday to keep track of nutrients and veggies VS. Twix bars.  Weekends will be a break from tracking.

2. Walk, ride the exercise bike, or go to the gym 4 days a week.  The weather is gorgeous, the gym is 5 minutes away, and the bike is on the lovely summer porch.  There are no excuses.

3. Veggies with lunch and dinner everyday.  This isn’t that tricky- I love veggies and have been craving kale.

(I want to note that I’m not very concerned about weight gain at this point.  I’ve gained weight easily all my life and am not going to fret about getting fat during pregnancy.  I’m pregnant.  My entire body will never be the same.  Still, if my 5’1” frame is going to be able to handle all this extra weight, I need to fuel it well and give it plenty of chances to move.)

OKAY!  It’s going to be a busy month.  Beyond my lofty goals I have birthday parties and bridal showers dotted through out my calendar, dates with Ben’s family on the North Shore, and some big work meetings to get through.  I want to share with you the epic bedroom switch that we tackled this weekend, and the pictures from my darling Mama’s visit to Mass.  But mostly I’m relieved to have my action plan for June laid out with cute, inspiring graphics.  Here we go!

Please tell me, do you have any big June goals?  Any fun summer plans?  Whether you’re a devoted checker-offer or a fellow maker and breaker, please share your lists with me!


*All images found via Pinterest.  Click on the image to go through to the original source.


One thought on “june goals

  1. Um, how is it JUNE already? Time is flying by, isn’t it?

    I haven’t set any new or different goals. I just want to keep on trying to eat right, be good about wedding plans, and try and get a job. These are boring goals. I like the way you frame yours better. Even though it sounds like these are pretty obvious tasks that get done on a regular basis, your lists and pretty pictures make it much more enjoyable.

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