memorial day

Ben bought me this air conditioner for our fourth wedding anniversary.  He follows the anniversary gift lists, and picks which theme he likes better from the traditional and modern choices.  The modern anniversary list has “appliances” for the fourth year, and I have been complaining about the heat for a straight week.  Our anniversary isn’t for 17 days, but I think Ben wanted me to shut up me to be comfortable as soon as possible.


We also hit Old Navy so I could pick up some maternity t-shirts.  My work wardrobe is more difficult to handle everyday.  I’ve heard tons of people insist that maternity clothes aren’t really necessary, but honestly I haven’t found anything more comfortable than the maternity shirts with the ruched sides that I swore I would never actually want to wear.  All my sun dresses are only work appropriate when I wear them with a cardigan, and the rocketing temperatures aren’t going to let me swing that.  Basically it’s black maternity crops and 4 rotating t-shirts from now until June 24th.

More importantly, while we were browsing, Ben picked out this summer onesie.  We bought it in the 6-12 months size because that’s when the bean will probably be big enough to wear warm weather clothing.  It’s candy corn colors for our October baby.  I love it mostly because Ben insisted we take it home.


On the way home we picked up some groceries.  I’m reaching the point in my pregnancy where I need to be really careful about my weight gain, which is making me slightly nervous.  Hot and dying for some ice cream, I whipped up this smoothie with frozen strawberries, half a banana, two handfuls of kale, a squirt of honey and a splash of water.  It was delicious, cooling, and I felt like some sort of health superstar.  I’m thinking this is going to be my go-to after school snack for the exhausting month of June.  Full disclosure, I’ll also be going for ice cream regularly.

I hope your Memorial Day is relaxing and full of family and good food.  My whole neighborhood smells like grilling and kids are running around in swim suits.  I want to take a second to thank Uncle Rich, Uncle Rusty, Kyle, Grandpa Kauffman, and all the other service men and women who protect our country and make gorgeous 3-day weekends like this possible.   I truly appreciate what you do for us.

“Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave” –Muhammad




2 thoughts on “memorial day

  1. Kale? Really? You had me until you said “kale”.

    I love you and want to thank you for the lovely stay in your home this weekend. It is a testament to how cozy a “simple” home can be.

    The onesie has Ben written all over it and I love it. Mwah <3

  2. Mmm, your smoothie sounds delicious! I never make smoothies because I absolutely hate cleaning my blender by hand…I never seem to get the gunk off of it. But it does sound as (or ALMOST) as satisfying as an ice cream, which is totally my summer-weight achilles heel. So maybe I’ll have to try this out as well!

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