stage two, suckas

I love the bright colors and simple set up

We have a dark, soothing color like this on the walls. I like the multi-tasking spaces.

I feel like we’re moving into Stage Two of my pregnancy.   At first it’s creepy and weird and abstract as can be.  There is nausea and restriction and you feel fat but not pregnant.  There is a blob on a screen and a whirry noise that they swear is a heartbeat, but nothing feels real.  And you feel that way for weeeekkkssss.  For me- 16 weeks.  At least.

Now, at 19 1/2 weeks, things are quickly crystallizing.  I have a round belly and feel constant twitches.  People notice and comment on my pregnancy.  Ben and I know what the sex is (I’ll post about that separately!) and every time we refer to the baby as a person it carries much more weight, especially after watching little arms and legs wiggle around on a screen for 40 minutes the other day.  Most importantly: we need to start planning where the hell to put this child.

The two small bedrooms in our house have worked overtime to provide what we need.  We have a cozy small sleeping room in the back of the house and a slightly larger office on the front that has Ben’s giant desk, a sewing machine, an exercise bike, art supplies, and a dresser that fits nowhere else.  In the past it has held additional desks, an armchair, a futon, and other random pieces of furniture.  There are no empty rooms sitting around, waiting to become a nursery.   We’re going to have to get crafty, again.  I love it.

Our plan right now is to swap- downsize the furniture in the office, relocate the exercise bike and art supplies, and make the front office our master bedroom.  We need to fit clothing, a bed, a dresser, our TV, and a smaller workspace for Ben.  The idea of setting up a new little nest for us has me SO excited.  The back bedroom will get a fresh coat of paint, a crib, changing table/dresser, rocker, and 2 small bookcases.  I can picture these two little rooms and I already feel so cozy.

Poor Ben HATES moving furniture, and in the past I’ve always scheduled it to happen when he’s at work.  Unfortunately, I can’t shove stuff around right now, so I think the great swap will happen one of the first few weekends in June.  The most important addition to the Swicker household: a window air conditioner.  It’s only taken two days of above-78 temperatures to make me want to murder someone.  I never thought I’d dream of an appliance, but I am.

I need to dash and change sheets for a visit from my mama!  We’re having a weekend of family time, dinners out, Food Network during morning coffee, and high tea to celebrate Mother’s Day a little late.  I hope to have pictures to share the next time I post!  Have a beautiful long weekend <3

(The bedroom inspiration is via pinterest; click through to the original source)


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