>after this, i’m ordering subs


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The last time I wrote, I was pretty wretched.  It was exactly how I was feeling at the time, and it was a big relief to get it all out.  Even the hopelessness of the rambling, as pathetic as it felt to me, showed me at the end of my rope.  Right where I was.  Writing it broke a damn.  People, in comments, but more in person, had suggestions and empathy and connections to make.  Thank you for all your kindness, on the wonderful internet, and friend-to-friend.

Two Sundays later, I would rather leave the deep stuff in the depths and share a bunch of links that have been making me happy.  Some I’ve already shared on Facebook or Twitter, but I like the idea of everything being rounded up in one place.

1. This article by self-loving Gala Darling is basically a punch list for happiness.  I love the idea of writing a recipe for your perfect day.

2. This website has super cheap glasses frames and a cool little uploader feature that lets you see the frames on your own face.  Thanks to my fabulous sister, Laurel, for sending it my way!

3. Valentines Day is already a week in the past, but these little ecards from Kate Spade are fine for sending your love at any time of the year.  I sent them to my coworkers after a week where we all needed some smiles.

4. I am really into these character hoodies.  I have fun figuring out which ones I would give to the different people in my life.

5. I am often late to the game as far as viral videos are concerned.  Last winter my sisters and I all became briefly obsessed with this precious video about a quirky little shell.  If you’ve already seen this one million times, you’ll thank me for an excuse to watch it again.

6.  I’m a Lonely Island fan forever.  I was reading about Andy Sandburg in a womens magazine and they were asking him ridiculous questions about hanging out with Justin Timberlake and dream first dates.  They said, “What’s the sexiest thing a woman could say to you?” and he responded with something along the lines of, “I really have only said the word sexy about 5 times in my life before this interview.  I don’t know.  Something like, ‘The Jerk is my favorite movie?'”  So now I love Lonely Island, and him, even more.  I hope you get to sing this today.

Where are you wasting your time/improving your life on the internet?


2 thoughts on “>after this, i’m ordering subs

  1. >Lonely island. I die. So funny. YouTube is like a bottomless bit of hilariousness. I could watch youtube videos for hours and hours. Productive for my life? Probably not. But good for the soul for a bit :)

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