>i’m sick of just starting plans, i wanna spend the rest of my life


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The first full week of 2011 is over, and I’m still undecided about sharing goals and resolutions and plans.  Just go back to December 2009 to see how elaborate my plans can get.  Continue reading through 2010 to see how quickly and totally I abandon them.  I love to think about my ideal life: my ideal hobbies, my ideal outings, my ideal home, my ideal wardrobe, my ideal weight.  I can write lists and construct lovely routines, but I am lacking in one thing.

Follow through.

In lieu of any traditional resolutions this year, I’ve picked a theme.  Follow through.  This is universal and can be applied to almost anything.  Watch…

Health: Follow through on taking care of yourself.  Make doctors appointments and keep them.  Get your blood work done.  Move your body.  Eat well.  Take a vitamin.  These things might be overwhelming, but if you make each one a small step and just follow through with it, you might live to be 100 and be on the Today Show.  So work on that.

Relationships:  Follow through on getting together.  Go to the movies more with your husband.  Make dates to meet up with friends and no matter how exhausted you are after work, don’t cancel.  Buy plane tickets to see the people you love- life has scattered you all over the globe, but you are situationally (big picture here) one of the luckiest, wealthiest people in the world, and there are no excuses for not taking more trips.  Write letters and emails.  Be the thank you note queen.

Work:  Follow through on being a professional.  Take classes (finish grad school!).  Think beyond your teaching manuals.  Enrich your classroom library.  Stay late on Fridays to get all of next week’s organization done.  Use singing and acting more on a daily basis.  Find wall space for each student to choose what they want to display.  Don’t wait for “next week” to put your all in.

House:  Follow through on making this home.  Wash the goddamn dirty exterior that faces the road.  Get new gutters.  Paint.  Unclog the drain in the bathroom.  Fix up the basement for your hobbies.  Paint.  Make curtains.  Paint.  Frame your pictures.  Paint.

Hobbies: Follow through on being the interesting person you know you are.  Buy more books.  Find a corner of the house and make it your library.  Stop looking at your sewing machine curiously and MAKE SOMETHING.  Learn how to edit pictures.  Go to a play.  Take a class at an adult education center.  Stop sitting on your ass.  Stop sitting on your ass.  Stop sitting on your ass.

Honestly, if there is an ancillary theme to my year, it is that.  Stop sitting on your ass.  I have the supplies, the knowledge, and the necessity to drive everything I described above.  It is time to buckle down, stop sitting on my ass, and follow through.

What is your 2011 buzz word?

4 thoughts on “>i’m sick of just starting plans, i wanna spend the rest of my life

  1. >hey gal!i had a follow-through intervention yesterday. jon and i inherited a fugly dresser from my parents, and i inherited the Life Nature Encyclopedias from jon. the result? a book case collaged with pages of black printed text and some black and white drawings (my favorite, an owl). i was having a follow through problem 1/2 way through – it just didn't look right! but i finished and am still working to get the details right tomorrow. it looks home made and scrap booked and makes our fancy pants bedroom a little more cozy. glad i followed through! i am also stressing major about my birthday party. i hope i can follow through there, too. thanks for the inspiration!!!love, sarahmul

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