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I took a personal day today.  I thought our brand new boiler was going to be inspected, and then Ben took care of it without anyone needing any time off, but I kept the personal day that had already been approved.  We had a Gingerbread Party for my students on Friday, complete with a song performance, cookie decorating, and more parents/siblings then I realized existed.  It’s our second family party of the year, and no matter how meticulously planned I am, they always stress me out.  I also can’t really wrap my mind around the fact that we are in school until 3:30pm on Thursday.  It feels so late in the season to still be going through the routine.  I’m frustrated to already be down 1.5 personal days at this point in the year (we only get two), but I am oh so thankful to have today off.
Here are some of my grand plans of accomplishment:
1. Get an oil change in preparation for Christmas Day travel.  This also includes unloading the trunk from a trip in November, getting rid of an embarrassing accumulation of coffee cups, and vacuuming the pine needles away.
2. Write out Christmas cards.  I have two boxes of cute cards with no identifying date on them, which makes it very tempting to just skip it altogether this year, but there are people who I would like to send little messages to, and I’ve been really on top of everything else holiday-related; shopping done, presents wrapped, at least one batch of cookies decorated and eaten.  I can handle cards.
3. Make something yummy to give to my coworkers.  Because I teach kindergarten and also service some students with special needs, there are at least two additional adults in my classroom at all times, and every morning there is an additional teacher who is fluent in Braille and works with vision impaired, not to mention a high school intern who volunteers in the afternoons.  I already bought these fabulous ladies some antibacterial hand lotion (a must for elementary school inhabitants) but I want to wrap that up with some chocolate covered pretzels.  Call it a sanity pack.
4. Make some serious lists.  I’m in the processing of evaluating different graduate programs to get my professional teaching license, and I’m kind of running out of time to be casual about it.  I’ve been plugging away at classes from my undergraduate alma matter, but I’ve come to the conclusion that going to the same college for an identical degree at a slightly advanced level is not exactly stretching me to the limits of my potential.  After feeling stagnant for too long, I’m moving on, and I won’t go to bed tonight without having a list of pros and cons for my top three options.
I’m fairly certain I can accomplish all of the above, which is far more than I get done on any motivated work day.  After this, I just need to survive three candy-cane fueled school days, and then our quick-as-a-wink Christmas break will begin.  
What are you doing to tie up loose ends this week?

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