>morning coffee


(image via weheartit.com)

I’ve been spending a dreamy hour curled up under a new quilt I scored at Urban Outfitters for only 20 dollars. It’s warm and printed with vintagey red and white apples and I’ve had my eye on it since the summer. My cup of coffee is so hot that it burns my hands and I flinch when I balance it on the arm of the couch, something I probably wouldn’t do if Ben was awake to catch me being so risky. I’m looking at my favorite house tour from Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, and thinking about all the new paint colors I want to try this winter. I hope I follow through.

I have plans to meet some friends for brunch and go see a play in the afternoon; I should really already be in the shower. But I am pretty much incapable of starting a day without taking time for myself. I need to browse online, read blogs, watch the news, hold the newspaper. I need to do all of this while sipping one cup of coffee, minimum. If you think it sounds fussy and impractical, you’re right. You’re talking to the girl who sets her alarm just to take an hour doing nothing specific. Here are some of the things I am looking at this morning:

1. This apartment is inspiring me. I need new colors and less clutter.

2. I really like this photography. A lot of it feels glamor-mag-typical, but there’s modern-day fairy tale, too.

3. I love this song (Mumford and Sons, White Blank Page), and I love that they’re performing in a bookshop.

4. If I don’t make these marble magnets tonight, then tomorrow night it is.

What do you browse, if you browse, when you browse?

3 thoughts on “>morning coffee

  1. >Those marbles are so cute! Where do you find these adorable projects? Do you typically read the same blogs over and over or just hop all over the place? I read the same blogs over and over and sometimes it seems stale.

  2. >jenny my love, i am kind of obsessive about my reader. i update it a ton and get rid of anything that i feel like i would skim past in a typical day. i get recommendations through features and write ups and clicking through links on my favorite blogs. and i kind of managed to ruin the cute magnets, but i'm determined to try again!and sorry i'm just now responding, i am lazy and miss things easily. kind of like i miss you.

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