>oh hello november


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I’m comfortable in October with it’s autumn festivals, tons of birthdays, and pumpkin beer/coffee. Then November comes and I feel things getting a tiny bit trickier. November is Daddy Month, and as much as you would think that 13 long years would dull the subconscious feeling of unexplainable sadness that crops up right around the 1st of the month, it doesn’t. Now that my family is spread thinly along the East Coast, it’s even harder to deal with. Yes, I have a sweet husband and a patient sister who live close enough for face-to-face consoling, but that never seems good enough when I’m tearing up over grocery store Thanksgiving commercials or navigating who will be where for the Macy’s Day Parade. I’m not going to beat myself up for feeling sad or nostalgic; if you’re not feeling something along those lines during this season, you’re either a master of self control or emotionally dead. But I am going to schedule a month full of bustling activities and try to be a little more collected about the ways I miss and remember my daddy and the rest of the far-off family this season.

Things I’m Doing in November
1. Trip to NYC to visit my two best friends from high school. Think lots of wine, deep talks, and cheering on mararthoners!

2. Visit from Mama and Ray to celebrate her birthday. Mama reads this, so I can’t go into detail, but we’ll have at least one little birthday surprise!

3. Turkey Trot 5K with my sister, Laurel. I’m kind of horrified for this- I haven’t been in 5K shape for a few years. I’m still registering. It’s on the anniversary of the day Daddy died, and I’m so glad that we’ll be together and running/walking/dragging (my)selves across the finish line.

4. Hosting Thanksgiving at my house. Ben’s family will be here and we’ll make some food and probably watch some football games. I also plan on waking up, making a pot of coffee, and allowing myself a few nostalgic tears while the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on. It’s my favorite part of the day!

What are you doing this busy month? A gratefulness declaration? A sit-in to protest seasonal parties? Searching for vegan turkey recipes? I want to know!

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