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Non-Fiction Books I Adore

1. to-do list by Sasha Cagen

This is a book of handwritten to-do lists from real people. I KNOW, RIGHT!? They are divided up into sections like New Years Resolutions, Happiness and Hates, Dream Jobs and Bored at Work…tons of interesting, quirky categories. Each list has a paragraph of introduction from the lister, and then the actual scanned list is on the following page. I have many favorites, but am continually drawn back to the burnt out special education teacher listing things she will do when she’s not a teacher anymore, and the seven birthday wishes list from the lady visiting Paris.

This is a hard-back-coffee-table-type tome the showcases home tours just like the ones featured on the website. There are probably four pages per home, with lengthy interviews and pictures of the homeowners/renters included, as well. There are all different kinds of living spaces, from very minimalist and posh to the shabby, eclectic look that I like to snuggle up with. It’s basically a book of decorating porn that even flea market mavens like myself can get into.

3. Apartment Therapy: Eight Step Home Cure by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

This little paperback is a process for getting to know and love the space you’re living in. It’s literally house therapy, and the ideas behind it are the reason we have apartmenttherapy.com in the first place. Over eight weeks it guides to fix structural issues, choose soothing colors, learn to clean your home and cook in it, and culminates in a housewarming party. I’ve read it. Now to implement…

I love when people tell me how to dress, which wines to buy, and to avoid white couches if I intend to have sex on them. Honestly, this book is very cute and addresses a person in their young adult life (which I assume is anywhere between 20 and 50) who wants to have a cute home and tons of fun parties. There are recipes, thrifting tips, party playlists, and ideas about the best job to fit the person you want to be. It’s a fun little daydreaming springboard, and it’s pink. So adorbs.

What non-fiction books do you love?

4 thoughts on “>list no.5

  1. >I'm obsessed with food books lately. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and I just started the Omnivore's Dilemma. I also read My Life in France. I think after I finish my food book craze, I'm going to start on biographies.

  2. >Christie, it's great! I just bought a second copy for a friend for about one cent on amazon.com- definitely look around for it. It's worth the read and after two years it still doesn't have a place on my bookshelf because I pull it out so often.

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