>here we go!


I am shamefully late but seriously excited to reveal the 25 things I plan to do while I’m 25! I finished it at dinner with my sister Laurel on Tuesday night, and I’ve already adjusted three items. Don’t worry, I ratcheted them UP, not down.

Let me know if you have any ideas that will help me reach my goals: do you know an excellent place to try Indian food? Have you been dying to take a brewery tour? Are you planning to go for a ride in a human hamster ball, as well? This is going to be a year of adventure (at least as far as my kindergarten-teaching, suburbs-rocking self is concerned) and I would love to share some of that adventure with you!
Here’s a link to the list, and you can always check back in on the “simple girl’s 25…” tab on the home page. As I cross things off, I’ll tell you about them and link to my review/pictures/freak outs. Tell me what you think! What do you hope to accomplish before your next birthday?

2 thoughts on “>here we go!

  1. >Hmmm…I'm interested in how many of these things you have never done and just want to re-do in a certain way? Or have you never done any of these things??? Let's cross a few things off when you visit <3

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