>list no. 4


(image via weheartit)

Things I am totally done with:

1. Parties that require you to make purchases- this includes jewelry, candles, chocolate, purses, or Tupperware.*

2. Diets. Any type of tracking, recording, counting, quantifying, or metacognitive work around food or drink. I’m out.**

3. Reserving Sundays for housework and groceries.

4. Reserving weeknights for early bedtimes.

5. Skipping a drink with my meal to save money.

*I’ve held one of these parties before. Body Shop products. I’m still sorry. I feel no greater pressure then when someone I work with or hold a friendship with wants me to spend an evening with them that will require me to spend at least 50 dollars by the time we’ve gotten tax and shipping tacked on.

**I’ve tried every diet you can think of and I’m just bored with it. Okay? Okay. I’m so tired of being bored with myself that I’ll gain 1000 pounds if it’ll give me three minutes of interest.


2 thoughts on “>list no. 4

  1. >#3. I'm with you on the Sunday thing. I just retired, and have to admit to you that not running around on Sunday, getting my work done, hyperventillating about the work week ahead is THE most freeing thing about retiring. I still can't believe that I have the luxury of spending my Sunday doing all the things I love. Plus, I have the rest of the week too!!

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