>relaxation station


swicker family bathroom, 3.27.10

My house is literally a collection of piles right now. The picture shows a gentle, normal accumulation of clutter, but the barely-navigable bedroom and the contents of two purses strewn across the office floor tell a more accurate tale. I had a huge project due this morning (the final day of my stressful Developmental Assessment class!) and therefore have been putting the touches on my portfolio, plus trying to stay on top of my new lesson planning schedule, for the past three days. I slogged through a library marathon Thursday and a 5:15-7:15 nonstop run of lessons and teaching and planning and printing yesterday. Then I mildly crashed.

the remains of lunch, 3.27.10

When my class ended early at noon, you would think I would come home and toss some laundry in, or at least print out a few articles for my next big paper in my Building Professional Efficacy class, right? Wrong. I treated myself to a TC Lando’s Pesto Steak sub and a Wachusett nut brown ale at 1pm, and caught up on days of delicious blog reading. It was bliss in it’s highest form. I followed that up with a walk to the library to return old books and pick up new ones. I got some awesome reads and put my name on the list for two Chelsea Handler books, because I need some laughs right now and I’m not staying up til 11.

Now I’m playing with picture settings and learning how to edit photos. I still don’t actually know, but I’m going to be asking my more technologically advanced friends for some advice. If I don’t figure it out, I’m still going to try and post some house photos! After I clean, of course.

What are you doing on this gorgeous final Saturday of March? If you’re reading this, I probably miss you. <3

penguin, 3.27.10

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