>i realized this. again.

I’ve shared this quote before, but it bears repeating:

“In bathrooms, boardrooms, buses, bagel shops, and everywhere else, we need to imagine a little girl following us around, repeating everything we say and everything we do. Think about the things you want for yourself and your daughters, granddaughters, and girls everywhere- and teach them by living it yourself.” -Nell Merlino

Do I want a little girl who is stressed out all the time, who complains about her popping jaw and red eyes? Who puts herself in situations that demand too much of her time, then laments when she is overtaxed? Do I want a little girl who drinks too much wine when she feels tired, who fights with her husband instead of asking for his help?

I have no daughters, but there are girls who watch me. This sentence is simple, but when I read it, my students’ faces flash before me. They comment on my earrings and my singing voice- if they notice those things, how carefully are they watching the way I speak and respond to each and every person I pass in the hall, welcome to the classroom? I have strong women in my life. I read about them and talk to them every day. It’s not necessarily my job to emulate them, but I better be a mirror to reflect the light I’m given.

Here is what I am doing today:

1. Listening to pretty songs on pandora.com instead of letting the TV play in the background.

2. Considering my stack of writing memoirs I checked out of the library. My mother and Ray gifted me On Writing by Stephen King when I was 15 years old. I’m rereading it and realizing how seriously they must have taken me to give me a book that is part gritty(ish) memoir, part style guide.

3. Devouring these gorgeous quotes collected on the tumblr of Kelly from my happy little life. She said they were inspiring and she is completely correct. Some of my favorite are below.

if we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” -ivan turgenev

the ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more important to the soul then their simplicity would suggest.” -thomas moore

when you’re a kid you assume your parents are soul mates. my kids are gonna be right about that.” -pam, the office. (my love for the office aside, this one made me burst into tears.)

(image via the commons on flickr.com)


2 thoughts on “>i realized this. again.

  1. >“ may every sunrise hold more promise, every moonrise hold more peace.” -anonymous – this one was one of my favourites. Thanks, Ashlie, just taking the time to sit and read the quotes was calming and energising. Hope the wee hearts are home soon

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