>snow day love fest

>Okay, so I’m technically babysitting right now, but my little friend is set up with lots of glitter and stickers and the Disney Channel, so I’ve been enjoying my snow day and catching up on my favorite blogs. There are two things that I am so in love with right now:

1) Liberty of London’s new line at Target

Nicole of Making It Lovely

This is not just because I love Target with my whole heart; I’ve been seeing peeks of these gorgeously-patterned clothes and household items all over in the blog world, and no matter where they were sold, I would be seeking them out on March 14th. The talented Nicole of the blog Making it Lovely posted the cute little sneak peak above. The bike is what everyone is raving about, but the throw pillows are making my heart race.

2) New blog adoration!

I really adore the style of the fabulous grad student behind What a Nerd Would Wear. Her skirt and tights combos are so lovely and appropriate. This is the most recent post but also one of my favorite outfits. It’s so hard to read through blogs because I always have an immediate burning passion and after finding this, I feel inspired to go and comb the thrift stores for some more wool skirts and place orders for super bright tights. The combination of babysitting obligations and snow day kind of have me stuck right where I am. I’ll have to keep going through her posts to keep the fires going until I can make it out to shop.

So I’m going to drag myself back to the real world of work and grad papers and Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones, but these lovelies will keep me dreaming until I can spend some time on prettier things very soon.


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