>the library at 5pm on a sunday

>I’m posting from the library because I feel so happy that I want a record of it. After a restful week full of revelations, I have most of my loose ends at LEAST looped up out of reach, and I’m ready to get some groceries and head home to say goodbye to the weekend with Ben.

I think Sunday evenings have so much power if they are done correctly. There is a peace that comes with a clean house, stack of lesson plans, full fridge, folded clothes; there is hope in the order. The power of that cohesiveness dulls by frantic Thursday, but on Sunday, you can actually believe that the week will go exactly as you’ve just carefully planned on your calendar. On Sunday night, anything can happen.

I’m going to take my successful Sunday and stick it next to the inspiring conversation I had with my mother, tucked in near a quiet moment with Ben this afternoon where we reminded each other that even though we are young and family-minded homeowners, no one has written our future and no one else is allowed to.

Be happy and healthy this week <3


3 thoughts on “>the library at 5pm on a sunday

  1. >As a kid, I always dreaded Sundays…the looming feeling of dread for the week ahead. Now though, Sundays are a nice day for closure. Its nice to have Sunday rituals..I go to my printshop for the day and work on my art projects, then a big grocery shop, a relaxing walk home, and then I watch sunday night shows with my roommates while we all decompress from the weekend. Its essential. I like all of your recent entries. :)

  2. >sundays/sunday evenings are when i come alive. sunday is probably my fave day of the week (next to wednesdays). sundays have the potential for greatness and magic, whether your day starts with brunch at your fave place or the sun is simply shining through your blinds. sigh.

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