>Project Bread’s 42nd Walk for Hunger

Hello lovelies! Please check out the Walk for Hunger button in the left side bar. The link takes you to my personal fund raising page! This is my 3rd year raising money and participating in the walk, and I am so excited to start early in 2010! I know I sound like a commercial, but let me explain.

I am a girl who LOVES food. I love cooking food (banana bread?!?!) and I love dining out for food. I love Applebee’s and dairy bar food and fancy restaurants and cruise ship dinners and local diners. I think preparing, sharing, and eating food is romantic, and fun, and the best way to spend time with friends and family. I simply cannot stomach (no pun intended) that there are people not only in the world, but IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, who do not have the means to get enough food. It’s not that they need to eat bad food, or unhealthy food, but they are hungry. Hungry with no way to solve it. It is not right.

This is even closer to my heart after teaching for several years in cities that are among “the hungriest,” according to the Hunger Report put out by Project Bread. I know my darlings come from tough homes where things are tight. How are they supposed to learn to read and become interested in the world around them when their tummies are grumbling all the time? These children are not the problem of one city or town or school system. Hungry families are everyone’s problem. No one should be hungry when there is food enough for everyone.

I can barely put together coherent sentences because this cause is so close to my heart. But even if you are a soul-less creature with no love at all for hungry babies, the views and exercise you get on May 2nd make the walk completely worth it. Please, please consider joining or contributing in some way.

Here are some links for your browsing pleasure:

My personal page

The 2009 Status Report on Hunger in Massachusetts

Register yourself for the Walk today!


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