>paitence in 2010

>I am learning that for some reason, despite the American promise of instant gratification and endless technological capability, if you are doing some sort of home project, you must expect everything to take longer, cost more, and inevitability go wrong. Not that I am a huge fan of instant gratification- until the floors end up costing $800 more than the price you were already a teensy bit unsure of, and you find out that your kitchen will be unusable until Tuesday night at the earliest.

We’ve been through tetanus shots and construction dust and constant self-reminders that in a few (months? years?) this house will be as cozy as the apartment where we felt snug as bugs in rugs. And yet I feel like Ben is on the edge of a breakdown, and my own personal journey wildly swings between being shakily cheerful in the face of disaster and screaming at Home Depot representatives over the phone until I realize I can never go there again. (But seriously- avoid Home Depot. It’s for the best.) The latter just happened and Ben has huffed off to work while I am here with the kind technicians who dealt with the initial “4-days-800-dollars” fallout. I was trying to take slow breaths and reading blogs for comfort. And then I saw this:

It’s by an artist named Britt Hermann and I found it via design is mine. I instantly made it my desktop background and realized I needed to share it here. It is the truest thing.


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