>welcome 2010

>I spent a ton of time today playing online, adoring the internet and further putting off writing Christmas/housewarming thank you notes. I am also loving the idea of creating these adorable little new years ornaments, but that is something else that my mind is stalling on for some reason. Here are some treasures I unearthed today:

Christa Taylor
I love, love, love the dresses on this fabulous site! If I can achieve some of my weight-loss goals, this dress is going to be a ten-pound reward. I’m not typically one to hold off on rewarding myself, but I’m curious to see if this is the carrot I need. I adore this dress because it is so simple and completely speaks to the image that I want to build for myself: cute and stylish, sweet and scholarly. Plus some of the money from every purchase goes to Cambodian orphanges. It’s practically a charitable donation!

Shabby Apple
This site has a cute fit-to-flatter aspect that lets you answer a few question, identify a body type, and then shows examples of outfits that would possibly suit you best!

Demand Your Dignity
I really love the quick video that is on the front page of this site. It seems to be a solid message- on one of the pages was an interview with a young man who toed the line on asking women not to dress in a way that encourages men to view them as objects. My telling-women-what-to-do radar went up…but there are some good videos nonetheless.

I hope these sites aid your procrastination as much as they aided mine.


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