>new year’s eve 2009

>I had a few minutes of unplanned time that was not encompassed by some sort of freak-out. I knew exactly what I needed to do! REFLECT PUBLICLY ON MY YEAR! I love doing this, and am completely unashamed.

I always love lists and plans, but new year’s eve is my favorite time to make them. The ultimate fresh start is new year’s eve 2009, leading us into a new DECADE people! When I started this decade I was a green little 14-year-old, babysitting til midnight and wearing too much eye makeup. I am now a married teacher with a house. It’s a little kooky. Lets talk goals:

I am a girl who always wants to be someone else. I want to be like the crafty ladies who can make lovely things with a handful of thrifted scraps. I want to be like the cool hipsters who shop at Whole Foods when they’re not picking up boxes from co-ops and carry their babies in adorable slings with perfect poise. I want to be like the people who eat almost entirely from their back-yard gardens and only purchase things with origins they can identify within a hundred mile radius. But I’m not those people.

At the end of the day, I will mostly shop at Target, Market Basket, and Old Navy. I kill most house plants, so my gardening plans will need to go slowly. My handmade abilities extend to framing pictures and using pretty gift tags that I make from…blank tags. And that is okay.

I’m a gifted writer and I am very good at reading children’s books aloud to captivated audiences. I am good with children in general. I am a fairly good homemaker. I am good with directions. I am one of those people who makes friends fairly easily. I am a good sister and daughter. I am a basic young suburban teacher.

I don’t have to throw away my dreams of being crafty or follow local movements. But I can stop beating myself up for not being 1000 characters at once. How does this relate to my goal-making? I’m scrapping my list of goals like: “eat in season” and “make your own draft snakes” (you can buy them at Home Depot super cheap anyway) and replacing my goals with a simple mantra:

Be happy. Be healthy.

I stole it from my friend Kenny. He’s very, very smart. Wish me luck.

I hope you have a great new year and great new decade. Be patient with yourself!

Love, Ashlie


4 thoughts on “>new year’s eve 2009

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