>I was trying to figure out the best way to share the before pictures of the house Ben and I just bought. I think this is the easiest way to share pictures and explanations in a smooth format. If for any reason you are someone who reads this blog that is not a member of my family…sorry. Feel free to skip this :)

Here it is: 42 Willow Street. This is a very cute and quiet street, near an elementary school, the local hospital, and Barnes and Noble. You are standing on the street, looking at the house.

Interior! If you are standing in the kitchen, the door at the far end is the front door. There is a little foyer with a front closet. The room with the rocking green carpet is the living room. The wood paneled shelving thing will soon be ripped out.

These are some pictures of my quaint, carpeted kitchen. This is the next room right after the living room. Right across from the sink is the stove and refrigerator, as well as the door to the bathroom. Plans for this space include redoing…everything. For now, lets do some tile and white paint and wait for the money tree to grow.

This is me standing in the dining room. The dining room is right next to kitchen (see the stove and fridge?) and the sliding door leads into the sweet little sun porch on the back of the house. I think the dining room is going to have the same tile as the kitchen and be a big storage place for dishes, a table, and some pantry ware.

Oh, hello, sweet sun porch. Penguin will love you. My entire Saturday (the day after closing) will be spent raking leaves.

Off of the living room is a hallway with bedrooms and bathrooms. This is the larger of the two bedrooms; it is not a particularly large bedroom. What it lacks in space it makes up for in potential- that wood paneling and swimming-pool carpet are hiding drywall and hardwood floors. This room faces the street- it’s going to be a guest room and office. Until it becomes a nursery. (In the hypothetical future. Before anyone gets excited.)

Here is our little bathroom! Everything is cute in here. We’re getting a pedestal sink (to free the radiator that is IN the vanity right now) and removing the sliding doors from the tub. Say goodbye to the fabulous wallpaper, but I love the little lights and the mirror medicine cabinet. They are staying.

This tiny little treasure is the back bedroom. The window pictured actually looks out on the back porch (addition, right?). This is going to be the snug bedroom that Ben and I share. There is room for a bed, two small dressers, and nothing else. It will be as cozy as anything ever has been.

This is the BASEMENT dun dun dun. Down here are our oil tank and furnace, some very sweet storage papered with vintage Christmas wrapping, and some interesting old pieces of furniture. It needs TONS of work. But it’s going to keep us warm and safe.

So that is the house! We have steam radiators and too many trees and we need to do A LOT of ripping out and painting and laying paper in all the drawers. I’m really excited to do all the work and make it OURS. Like I said, my first job is raking this weekend. Our lawn is very, very big, more pictures will come. I love and miss every single one of you.


2 thoughts on “>BEFORE

  1. >AH! Ash! So exciting :) Its beautiful, I love it! I'm so excited for you guys. I'll be home for thanksgiving – let me know if some painting needs to be done :) :) :) Can't wait to see it!

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