>24 things i love

>I turned 24 last week. Hooray! There was so much good in my life that I am now sick from the excitement. Let me tell you 24 things I am happy about to celebrate my new age.

1. This gorgeous handmade bracelet from Ben’s mom. It celebrates my maiden name, and the 4 stands for my 3 sisters and myself. This was my father’s family name and I made it my middle name when I was married. I instantly welled up the second I saw this sweet tribute.

2. My mama has a speaking part in the local Christmas show! Local for her is New Port Richey, Florida (where Ben and I lived for one year) and I am only sad that I will miss it. :(

3. My kindergarten year is beyond wonderful. I am home sick today and after not seeing my kiddos since LAST FRIDAY, I am counting down the hours til I am back in my room singing “Rhyme and Groove” and reading the Kindergarten News.

4. I cleaned my closet, put away the summery things, and have plans to pair many of my cute dresses with black tights and a sweet woolen cardigan I bought with Laurel this weekend.

5. Apple Picking and Classy Brunch was a perfect birthday celebration this weekend! I’ve already attempted apple crisp and somehow screwed up brown sugar and butter. I’ll get it right ;)

6. Target gift card were amazing birthday gifts.

7. Shopping the little cute stationary stores in Northhampton with Laurel lifted my spirits.

8. Watching Away We Go last night was very sweet. The movie had edges, like real people, and sadness, like real life, and was funny and a little scary, and I’m so glad I watched it with Ben. It inspired him to ask me to put a couch pillow under my shirt so he could imagine a preggos belly. Thank god the pillow was too big. That’s a sight best left for the real thing.

9. Pumpkin coffees and baked goods are popping up every where.

10. I’m watching Rushmore for the 5th or 6th time this week. I’m wondering about the day it will stop amazing me.

11. Tomie dePaola is going to be at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art this weekend! I am going to arrive there around 9 in the morning to get a ticket for his signing and to hear him speak about his process. I’ve decided to collect children’s authors/illustrators autographs, and so far I have Peter Reynolds and Eric Carle. Here comes one more! Wish me luck.

12. Where the Wild Things Are also comes out this weekend. It’s a banner day for the kid in me :)

13. The fall in general, leading into the cozy November holidays, steaming right into the Christmas season, is getting me all jacked up. I can’t wait for the wildness and the constant playing of It’s A Wonderful Life and the mall during the holidays. I love the chaos of the mall during the holidays.

14. Homemade pizza with nan as a base. It’s yummy and so easy.

15. Being in bed (albeit sick) at 8:30 last night, and chatting to Mama til I fell asleep.

16. Having really super good ideas about what I want to make for Christmas for my family. I have so many homemade plans, but I really need to buckle down and do them.

17. A birthday present of a kit to make thumbprint greeting cards from Laurel. Too adorable for words.

18. Prize-winning pumpkin at the Topsfield Fair. My favorite part every year!

19. The Leominster Library (always makes me happy).

20. My awesome kindergarten assistant (who totally came through for me today).

21. This hopeful future hobby. How cute are these stitching patterns!?

22. Halloween is coming, and there is a double feature of Night of the Creeps and The Blob at Coolidge Corner. What a way to celebrate Ben’s favorite holiday!

23. Alka Seltzer Plus.

24. So many nesting dreamings.

Now I’m 24, and I’m sure the list of things that make me happy will just keep growing.


2 thoughts on “>24 things i love

  1. >i love your list. i am so glad that you had a nice birthday. it was a really wonderful day for all us friends too! and awwww, tomie de paola…strega nona was one of my mom's favorite books to read us as kids. what with us being italian and all. :)

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