>autumn 09

>I have been gone, gone, gone for a very long time. School started. I also began a new job babysitting in the morning on weekdays. I’m also taking 2 grad classes. And Ben and I had an offer accepted on a house…!!!!!!!! My life is at this shimmering, silvery point of hazy happiness. I’m holding my sweet breath.

Yeah, I’m sleepy. There have been adjustments to make. I wake up at 4 am every morning and scramble like mad to make in back into bed by 9:30 pm. But I am absolutely bursting with happiness. I don’t write enough about my face-splitting smiles; I am sporting them this fall. My job is hard, my life is busy. But I am full of purpose.

I love the little people I am working with, and even though there is a lot more work for me to do before I am a *perfect* teacher, I have an idea of how I can start helping them become little people who are a little bigger with slightly more important lives. I am making money that is helping my family move into the house we will bring babies home to. Ben and I are both thrilled and exhausted, which is a wonderful combination for a young marriage. We see just enough of each other that we are overjoyed to spend the time we have, and then it’s back off to the common goal of nest-building, in all its forms. We are THE SAME PAGE. I seriously love book analogies.

Right before I left the lake house, I stayed up late with my Aunt Tanya. She’s only about 11 or 12 years older than I am, and interestingly our lives are on similar trajectories with slightly young marriages, slightly older husbands, and a love for simple family life. While every person over the age of 20 had an opinion about Ben and I’s upcoming year, Aunt Tanya left me with some advice: life simply, be a team, and have patience. I am paraphrasing, but I feel like I went into that night hanging on to a lot of my teenage years, and left it with the outlook of a young woman. I like who I am right now.

I’m making applesauce with my best kiddos in class next week, and I hope to use that as an excuse to share this insane love I’m feeling with you all. And of course…house pictures to come!

ps- I adore this new layout! Huge thanks to Deluxe Templates for inspiring me to get writing again.


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