>fashionably late to the game


Good lord. I had some big plans to get some food and visit the alluring container store with some coworkers tonight, but flat tires and rain delays made for a free evening. I was in the mood for some browsing and randomly Googled “teacher blog.” Holy happiness. I found so many awesome pages, from narratives to policy discussions to lesson plan sharing- it all blended into happy INSPIRATION. I use my design and craft blogs for inspiration all year long, and now I am blessed with a little kick in the pants just when I am going wild trying to make an amazing kindergarten environment before August arrives.

With my Google reader snugly updated, I can also report that I am not doing too shabbily with my summer goals. The ones that are the most successful are still going to the gym (at least 4 times a week) and working in my classroom (at least 3 times a week, whenever I can sneak past the janitors.) I am headed RIGHT NOW to organize the piles that are a mess in my craft room, and I am all set with a local veggie stand to try out the next time we need some greenery.

I’ve been experiencing a whole range of small victories that are making me feel like super woman. Small things keep making me feel fantastic. Sine last week, I have begun an online book study, signed up for a course with Bebe Morrisey, who provides awesome literacy PD, renewed my prescription for contacts, made some huge changes in my personal lifestyle, and caught up with an old friend who I instantly felt more connected to then I’ve felt about someone outside my family in a long time.

When my small list is complete and things click, I feel fabulous. Busy and happy, I guess! Here’s to a productive summer that will get me ready for a great year!


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