>sometimes rain that’s needed falls

>Great progress on my lofty goals so far!

*I am unable to walk thanks to my first Global Fitness class (power, which means muscle work). I took it Monday and still really, really hurt. I’m hoping to be healed enough by 5:30 to take kickboxing!

*I already spent an entire day in my classroom, organizing furniture and making big plans. I bought blue paint for my bulletin boards and I hope to spend the rest of the morning organizing all the school stuff that never made it to school this year.

*I got my Leominster library card and almost cried as I wandered through that gorgeous, gorgeous building, absorbing the fact that I had borrowing privileges there. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the obvious care that went into the stacks and displays. It’s never been more glaring how neglected the poor books at Bigelow are.

*I put animal, vegetable, miracle on hold, which is another step in the right direction!

*I did a lot more considering about the library science programs at Simmons and Salem State. I e-mailed my human resources contact and asked for some guidance.

I feel like I might have even done more than that, but it’s all I remember for now. I read a gorgeous book and will read more today. I also have bookstore and lunch dates to look forward to. Most of all, I’m busy and bustling and it feels so good.

“Accomplishment is the antidote to depression!”


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