>i looooooove boy’s night out


The boys in New York for Ben’s bachelor weekend

The title may raise eye brows. No, I’m not tagging along on my husband’s rare male-bonding blowout. But when the trusty Vatche organizes everyone to spend the night doing whatever they do out in Boston, I get to have the house to myself ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. This is amazing. Also, the last time this happened, I had just moved back to Massachusetts and spent the time making goals for the new life in a new town. It’s been awhile.

The last time I actually wrote in here, I was hoping that I would get back in a rhythm and be sharing daily all my little triumphs and struggles. Someone other than my poor mother and husband need to be a sounding board for the miniature disasters that I obsess over. I used to bristle when an outburst that seemed completely justified to me would cause Ben to mutter under his breath, “That’s right, I forgot I was with an actress.” Lately I’ve been recognizing my level of passion is sometimes laughable…but I still bristle if Ben mentions it too soon after one of my whirlwinds. Don’t you wish you were party to the same dramatic monologues that make my husband shake his head? I’ll write more, I promise.

I’m trying to be calm and serene and explore options and follow the part of my mission statement that promised I would surround myself with things that lift me up. I can do it on Monday, and Tuesday is possible, but by Wednesday, I’ve been finding myself beat down. I’m using this weekend to really recharge and try to get ahead with my paperwork, but it shouldn’t take a once-in-a-lifetime completely free weekend to give me the stamina to make it through the workweek. That’s something I recognize, and I don’t think I’m willing to accept for myself.

I always have this on when I’m cleaning the house. It’s a tick.

I’m going to do so many lovely things today. I’m going to tidy, get ahead when I actually have time to focus on my work, go to the bookstore, maybe even get a pedicure and just be. Wish me luck and happiness and peace. I wish you happiness and health.

P.S. I saw Star Trek last night, and it was AWESOME. I would actually see it again in the theater. It was Ben and I’s return to the cinema; we’ve been away since February 14th and I forgot how fun it is to play Scrabble on the cellphone during the previews and watch Ben smile when he can tell I like the movie. We’ll go back again soon.


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