>i ended up creating two- one for work and one for life

My mission statement at work
(I am a special education teacher in an elementary school)

To be a professional educator who strives to create the best learning outcomes possible for her students by being prepared, assertive, and nurturing throughout the school day. I will achieve these objectives by allowing myself planning time and being efficient with that time, by communicating in a clear and concise manner with my colleagues, and by taking the time to listen to my students and plan with their healthy, strong futures in mind.

(I really like this. My current position is not a classroom teacher position, and my role is defined differently almost monthly. In a world where my head is always spinning and I struggle to prioritize my tasks, I think this will give me clear objectives and let me spend the time where it needs to be spent.)

My mission statement for life
(I am a 23-year-old woman living with her husband)

I want to be a happy and healthy woman who creatively explores her world by pursuing hobbies and interacting with relatives and friends. I can be this woman by carefully considering everything I consume. I will try to only put healthy foods and beverages in my body. I will try to chose books and projects that lift me up and make me happier. I will try to surround myself with people who make me laugh, discuss, and grow.

(This one is tougher, I think because there are at least 20 things that I want TO BE. This lets me narrow it down to a consumption level, and I think that’s the best way to simplify it for now. Good in, good out.)


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