>coffee, blogs, and banana bread

>I’m dreadful, I know. It’s been almost a month to the day since the last time I posted to this beautiful blog. I have no excuses and I’m really going to be working harder to get my thoughts down in here.

This spring is bustling and busy and fun. Work is busy and there is still no information about exactly what will happen next year. There are almost constant changes in service delivery and responsibilities. I’m keeping my head above water the best that I can. Right now I’m on April Vacation and that is glorious.

Ben and I have been slightly struggling with apartment hunting. We’re in an in-between space where we know what we want in the future, but need something simple and inexpensive to hold us over until we can go where we want to go. We’ve been looking at lots of properties, but they are either too expensive or need too much work or don’t work with our opposite commutes. We have to be out by July 1st, but we’d leave up to a month early and just deal with the monetary difference. I would die for something with a tiny strip of yard, or even a porch for potted plants. But I’m not holding my breath yet. I have to learn patience.

Some other things I’m musing about today include a great post over at Already Pretty about personal style. I love her four steps. It leads right into the thinking I’ve been doing about a mission statement for myself. I’m well aware that in a transition part of my life, I can’t come up with anything that will last more than a few years, but I’m really interested in the concept of having a sentence or two that defines your goals.

What about you? Do you have a mission statement or mantra that you use to simplify your life? Is having a mission statement for one person the absolute most narcissistic thing you’ve ever heard of? I’m going to follow some of the fabulous steps from Already Pretty and see what I come up with.


One thought on “>coffee, blogs, and banana bread

  1. >Yay! Thanks for the shout-out, lady! And I think a mission statement is a GREAT idea. I’m off to write my five-year plan this very weekend, and a mission statement will definitely be part of that process. Let us know what YOU come up with!

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