>oh, goodness.

Soldier’s goodbye & Bobbie the cat, ca. 1939-ca. 1945 / by Sam Hood
Originally uploaded by State Library of New South Wales collection

I have so so so much I want to talk about! I want to talk about my adorable, hysterical husband, my dearest friends, discovering a brunch place, spending time with my sister, the books I’ve been devouring and the whirlwind inside my mind about the near future.

But I’ve just found something that made my breath catch in my throat. I THINK I FOUND A PICTURE OF BEN, PENGUIN, AND I IN THE PAST.

The picture is called Soldier’s Goodbye & Bobbie the cat. I found it via the most amazing this ever- the Commons. It’s on Flickr. It is a collection of publicly archived pictures from different public repositories. I can’t even believe the romantic and interesting things I’ve found. It’s like a huge present that someone picked out just for me.

There are pictures of people with supposed spirits captured in the frame. There are romantic shots from different days gone by. There are stills from early films. This is an amazing wealth of beauty and knowledge at my fingertips.

But let’s get back to the supernatural fact at hand: there is a picture of my current family taken circa 1939. Ben owns those shoes. Penguin looks up at us just like that. And the cut of her skirt is just perfect.

I wish I knew how I could get this picture printed and framed. I wish even more that I could know the story of this kiss and the sweet front porch it happened on. I might write it.


2 thoughts on “>oh, goodness.

  1. >this is so sweet. i want to show you my collection of found vintage photos some time. i have some good ones! my mom and i have this tradition of looking for them together. have you ever been to nesting in concord? that place is our fave and they usually have a lot of gems.

  2. >Oh I would LOVE to see them! I usually look for good ones at flea markets and estate sales. I have to check out nesting, it sounds like the kind of place I would love :)Once at an estate sale, I found home porn photos taken circa 1940. I was with my mom and little sisters and we were totally scandalized and intrigued. Sadly, the lady took them off the sale floor.

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