>taking out an advance on my happiness

Day 78 – snow day!
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As I already stated, I know that I’ll be feeling some of the drudgery that I should be feeling today on June 27th or 28th or whatever we’re up to now. But I can’t help doing little dances whenever Monday turns into a 3-day weekend. I’m taking the deferred drudgery even further by neglecting more of my work and headed out into the storm for some little adventures with friends.

Last night I did laundry and worked with my knitting projects a little and killed some of my life on Facebook and lazed around with Benny and looked for spring wardrobe inspiration on my favorite blogs. I did not tackle weekend planning, and felt slightly uneasy that I was jinxing this huge storm. I ended up becoming engrossed in my book and stayed up past 1am reading. I put my bookmark in and said a silent prayer, “Snow don’t let me down.”

I woke up at 4:30 am to pee. I got that little tiny snow-storm thrill and peeked through the blinds AND LITERALLY GASPED. There was MAYBE an inch on snow on the ground, with no new flakes falling. My stomach dropped. There was NO WAY my superintendent would call this. I angrily thought about those people who had gotten their cancellation call last night. Then I started thinking about those smug bastards who had been screaming about 8 inches by commuting time all day yesterday. I cursed weather.com, made a pot of coffee, and started pulling out my plan book to get myself together.

Then, a small miracle happened. In desperation, I refreshed the storm force cancellation page one last time. And then…like magic…the beautiful name of my special little district. My rage drained out of me like someone pulled a plug. I thought warmly of those hard-working weather men and women, bless them. I downed the rest of my premature cuppa and ran into the bedroom to kiss an oblivious Ben.

“School?” he mumbled.
“Nope! Not today!” I crowed, trying to decide whether to go back to bed or not.
“You lucky little *%&#.”

I forgave him for calling me that, pushed over to sleep on his side of the bed (so I wouldn’t fall into a complete slumber) and happily daydreamed about spring wardrobes, knitting projects, and the validation of my lazy Sunday.

I’m going to make myself come back and read this when it’s stifling and the summer is half-gone and I’m still teaching.


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