>it’s too early

Morning coffee
Originally uploaded by brandonrhodes

I’m trying not to be a monster and moan and complain every second, but I’m very tired and I’m sick of babysitting on my vacation. Even though I had two very nice intervals with friends (breakfast with Jessie and the gang, and a visit with Laurel), I’ve had every day of my vacation planned, and I’m not even halfway through the work that is going to take me every beloved second of Sunday to finish.

Plus we’re hosting an Oscars party. But I won’t dare to sigh about that because not only is it super fun every year, but it’s a really nice chance for Ben to shine and have his friends over and I love looking at his earnest face when he’s listening to them announce the winners and checking his ballot.

So I’m kind of lagging, downing coffee and shaving more and more minutes off my getting-ready time, trying to postpone the final weekday of February vacation, which I will spend babysitting in Concord. I’m going to think very hard about doing this again for April vacation. Call me a lazy butt, but I’m dreaming of a day where I do NOTHING, not a whit of cleaning or anything, and go through two entire books before dinner. What a dream!


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