>february 14, 2009

Strand Theatre
Originally uploaded by clintonmass

Yesterday was one of the nicest holiday’s I’ve ever spent with Ben. We woke up and went to the post office to mail out some love packages, and then ate breakfast at High Street Cafe, the only diner we’ve frequented in Clinton so far.

One delicious breakfast later, we started walking around High Street and looking in all the little shops. There’s almost an equal number of bustling shops and empty windows, but plenty of little things to keep us interested. We started looking at the apartment windows above the shops and randomly met a landlord who showed us around. The apartments were tiny but a gorgeous original fireplace, mantle and mirror took my breath away. I would live in seriously terrible conditions for the chance to say that I live in “The Watkins Building” and have those original pieces and that view of a city street. We went into a beautiful antique store and Ben bought me some love letters that I had been browsing through. They’re between a young college student and the young nursing student he was dating in New Jersey. Every single letter has a secret love line written on the inside of envelope flap.

After a bit more looking around, we went to the bookstore for scones and browsing (only I had a scone, but you can’t push too hard on Valentine’s day) and I bought a fun book that I’m sure you’re going to hear more about soon.

We finished our day with dinner and a movie at The Strand, the old fashioned marquee theater that serves delicious food, beer and wine, and plays second-run movies for cheap. Frost/Nixon was an amazing movie and I was glued to the screen the entire time. We had fried mushrooms and a greek salad and it was wonderful.

I had a drink with my best friends to spread the love in every which way and ended my day with tea and toast and Forensic Files on the couch. It was a satisfying and beautiful day. I’m surrounded by love on every side and it makes me glow with happiness.


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