>thrill of domesticity

Vintage Triang dolls house cleaning supplies
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The only good thing about a semi-annoying training that has taken me out of the classroom for 3 days is the early release- 2:30? Are you kidding me? Being done with work at 2:30 is so joyful that I almost feel guilty. Especially on a teasingly spring-y day like today, where I drove with the windows down and did not get frostbite from my iced coffee.

I’ve given myself permission to take the night off of school work and be a crafty housewife for one entire evening. I’ve thrown open every window in my winter-stale apartment and have the audiobook of Pride and Prejudice turned up quite loud to accompany the first phase of my plan: intense house cleaning. Vacuum, tidy, air out, change sheets, light candles…these homey tasks fall at the bottom of a normal workweek to-do list, but not today.

After phase one, I’m dashing to the gym to use up some of my last free days (I canceled and my key only works until 2.26) and I’m going to stop at the carwash to vacuum my car. This precious, practically newborn, adorably tiny little Hyundai is suffering from severe neglect. A certain amount of breakfasts on the run have resulted in crumbs and coffee splashes where none should be. Another thing that ends today.

Finally, stay tuned for pictures of my evening plans, or phase three. I’ve been stocking up small crafts and treats for all the women in my life for several weeks, and tonight I’m assembling Valentine’s Day packages. I meant to send them early in the week, but I think a postmark of February 14th is just as dear. I have confetti, crafts, candies, and cards to package up and stamp up and whisk away to all the people I wish I saw more often.

It’s already late, and I have high hopes of getting through my mission. Wish me luck!


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