>Sometimes the amount of work I have to tackle makes me feel like this.

Not enough
Originally uploaded by Jon Jacobsen

I’m headed over to the FSC library to meet Shelly and get some serious school work done. I broke precedent and actually got rid of some little cutting and pasting tasks last night while watching movies with Ben, but I still feel over my head with paperwork. I’m finished with school, and I really hate all this homework.

I’ve read only one book on my list so far, and I owe you all a full list of my reading plans. I also owe you a little more frequency in my posts, but I dropped my grad classes and don’t work at Borders anymore, so I think I can handle that.

It’s the superbowl, but I don’t care. I miss watching sports games with my family in Florida, and miss my family a lot this weekend. I’m lucky I have Ben to slouch on the couch with and drown my troubles in mafia documentaries on TV :)

I wanted to bring you up to speed; more pretty pictures and happier stories to come!


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