I thought this might be appropriate this year :)

The past two weeks have been extremely interesting. Around December 8th, my main goals were to make a list and find a way to incorporate all the academic things I wanted to do with my kiddos into all the personal and social things I wanted to do with the season (parties! gift bags! cookies! hooray!) I took a day off work on December 10th because I was sick from the stress of trying to balance everything. I made resolutions to stop worrying so much, to only do what I could handle, and made some great plans for things I wanted to work on in the classroom. I went back to work December 11th with a positive attitude, excited to get things done and have a great season. Since then, I have only been to school 1 1/2 days.

A huge ice storm hit, knocking out power for the majority of central mass. My apartment complex was very lucky and never completely lost our power or network connections. Other people are STILL without power to this day. Once everything was back to normal and school was scheduled to restart, we only made it through one day before a major snow storm hit. It has not stopped snowing since Friday around 1pm. If I make my flight on Tuesday, I will be ridiculously lucky.

It’s interesting how nature just says “I don’t care that grades are due in January, I don’t care that you’ve been looking forward to this Christmas party for three weeks, I don’t care that your shopping is far from finished. You will sit still and watch a movie and drink cocoa and rest. There’s absolutely nothing that money can buy that will make your situation change.” Some people were reduced to living like pioneers while others simply didn’t get their Christmas cards out like they hoped. It was (and currently still is) a mandatory break in the middle of one of the busiest and most highly anticipated seasons of the year.

Yes, I’m a little disappointed that I’m out of touch with my students and lost two weeks of academic time. I’m a little sad that Ben’s surprise birthday party had to be rescheduled, and that I didn’t get to go to friend’s dress-up party that I had been very excited for. Despite that, I recognize that I’ve been much calmer and less stressed over the past two weeks than I’ve been for a few years. To have decision making out of your hands and to follow the whims of someone else (something I know I have never done in my entire life)…it’s freeing. It clears my head. And now all I have to do is use the clear head to prepare for a very exciting year coming up. I think 2009 is gonna be a good one…


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