>time flies when you’re 23

>I feel horribly guilty. It’s been much, much too long since I’ve updated in here. I love looking back and remembering the little things that make my day enough to get recorded, and it’s a shame to leave such huge gaps. Let me fill you in on the thumbs up and thumbs down of the things that have kept me from you.

thumbs down
stress that morphed into panic that morphed into a mental shutdown at work
progress reports
the bad feeling that comes from procrastination
starting about 7 books; finishing none of them
missing my family on thanksgiving

thumbs up
a great observation from my principal
the insane fun of christmas shopping (that’s not sarcasm, readers)
a standing thursday night date with an amazing group of friends
half hot chocolate, half hot coffee
starting to hit the gym again
breaking out christmas decorations
staying up too late drinking with friends and laughing with benny
skyping laurel and catching her up on life state-side
an amazing teacher conference that buoyed my spirits like nothing else
some librarian dreams
some movement in the actual direction of those dreams
a high school reunion that served to remind me why i kept in touch with those i did
thanksgiving with ben’s sweet family
working some extra hours to make a little dough
christmas carols
christmas music
christmas party

Wow. That really puts things in perspective. I’ve been generally tired lately, but a little less eating and drinking and a little more bed before two am will clear that up. Look forward to an update on my Christmas open house tomorrow night, not to mention an open house at Simmons School of Library Science, and more from the cutest season of the year.


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