>thank you veterans

> (Painting by Nicole Sharp of The Oleander Black, etsy.com)

This picture showcases exactly why I am excited for today. Through some sort of weird reverse of modern female life, the things that I treasure and wait for are big blocks of time that I can devote to domestic chores. I’m so excited to vacuum, switch the sheets, and bake Ben cookies today. These simple things never fit into my busy weeks of two jobs, after school projects, dinner dates and drinks with friends. Today I am holing up and being Susie Homemaker.

I spent the weekend with my family in Florida. I wanted to write a gushing entry about how it changed my life, but the thing that was most reassuring about the weekend was it’s absolute normalcy. Going home on a play weekend reminds me of my own crazy calls, late nights, photo shoots in costume during high school. My mama pulled off a last minute cast party, inspiring me to play hostess as often as possible. I was completely exhausted and still alert for the entire whirlwind weekend. From a night in Dairy Queen with about twenty 11 to 18-year olds to a private heart-to-heart on the couch with my mother, it was a perfect weekend with the family.

I’m off to bake, shop, and clean. This part of my only gets spotlight time once in a while, so watch out.


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