>yes we can

Ben and I in the park outside Clinton Town Hall, November 4th, 2008.

We got up earlier than usual to make it to the polls before work and stayed up later than usual to watch a historic speech. It was such a gorgeous day and all the people bustling in the center of town made for the perfect backdrop to the momentous day.

I am not able to give an accurate political forecast or argue the rhetoric behind which candidate will be a better president, but when Barack Obama and his family stood on stage in Grant Park, I began to choke up. When he spoke so simply and eloquently about the battles won and the battles yet to stage, I began to cry. And when I thought about my students of all races, who finally have a man of color who was raised by a single mother to relate to, I realized that I was more proud of my country in that moment than ever before.

It might sound callous, but I’m not thinking about the political ramifications of the election of President Obama. There will be a time to mediate on that. Right now, I am bursting with pride and excitement to be a part of such a gigantic moment in history. Our children’s children will not be the last to discuss the exact moments of yesterday. And we lived it. We participated in it. We hung on to every word of the commentary and and bought the newspapers and talked about it in our classrooms the next day. No matter what happens in the next presidential term, there is an intelligent, important leader who has galvanized an entire portion of the country that never felt like these elections involved them. We are being brought together in so many important ways.

There’s a lot to tell about trips to Florida and Amish Friendship Bread and spending time with long lost Jessie and an author visit from Peter Reynolds tomorrow, but for tonight, I just want to say God Bless America and leave it at that.


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