>year 23

>My husband Ben is an amazing gift giver. He is always thoughtful and loves to by me super useful things. I’ve never recieved flowers or jewelry besides one flower the night we met and he came to see in a play and my engagement and wedding rings. This year, on the boring 23rd birthday, he spoiled me further.

I’ve been lusting after this ladybug timer I saw online for months, and it’s now a centerpiece of my classroom management- the kids LOVE it and it makes my desk adorable. I also have been mentioning that I need a new cellphone, which has been completely and continually scoffed at, until I opened an awesome palm Centro phone with a super cool screen and super cool features. Last and certainly not least, he bought me a copy of my favorite movie of all time, A Muppet Christmas Carol. I grew up watching it with my family and still sing songs from it daily. Having a copy to show our kids makes our DVD collection for our future family complete.

I am surrounded by love in my life, from surprise cupcakes at the bar from Jessie to the beautifully wrapped gift my aide of one month brought in to celebrate to the cards and messages from my family (including my 4th sister Jen) all around the world. I’ve been complaining a lot lately about stress and bad choices, but the best choice I’ve made in my life is to appreciate my amazing family and surround myself with amazing friends. What a birthday gift.


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