>it’s hip to be a square

>I’m sitting in the dark kitchen, which hasn’t been possible for a long time because I haven’t woken before sunrise in a long time. I’m drinking coffee from my Moon Lake mug, made possible by breaking my vow of ma-and-pa once again and hitting up Target for a coffeemaker sale. I’m reading blogs and killing time before I shower and get lovely and go to day 2 of New Employee Orientation.

I have been going back and forth and back and forth. Listening to the superintendent speak yesterday was really inspiring. She talked about poverty in a special way- I haven’t heard an educator make the obvious connection aloud that parents who aren’t too involved might possibly be working 3 jobs or not speak English or be terrified of school. Usually there’s just a lot of scoffing. I like her no excuses, enthusiastic attitude. I like that she was there at new employee orientation. I’m scared because no one has been able to get me a solid job description. But I’m good at asking questions and looking darling, even when I mess something up. I might survive it, and then, if I put in my time, maybe someone will let me work in a preschool, finally.

I also applied to the Borders that is 7 minutes down the road. I recognize the irony of applying to work at a major corporation when my summer goal was to avoid them. But honestly, very few things give me greater pleasure than wandering through the shelves at a bookstore, loading my arms with various titles about things I want to learn about or look at pictures of, and then sitting in the cafe and reading for hours, writing quotes and info in my little notebook. AND THEN PUTTING THEM ALL AWAY AND WALKING OUT FOR FREE. I don’t think I would have the balls to do this in an independent bookstore, but I’ve never felt guilty in Borders or Barnes and Noble or BooksAMillion (ick). I figure this is one thing that I will be really happy about, I’ll get a great discount on books, and it’s more book-related experience for when I start figuring out library certification.

Time for cuppa no. 2, made possible by the demise of my one-cup french press. Thanks, technology, for everything.


One thought on “>it’s hip to be a square

  1. >Came here via Jessica at Swell Life…and I just have to say that I think your blog, writing and yourself are simply adorable. My names Chelle and it’s so nice to meet you A.E. Swicker.

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