>To Do (between tomorrow and thursday night)

1. Jog or do pilates DVD routine.

2. Finish sensory integration powerpoint and fact sheet.

3. Finish five article reviews.

4. Catch up on Quality Questioning internet responses for professional development.

5. Take Julianna to Newburyport.

6. Finish Running with Scissors.

7. Run the vacuum, dust a little.

8. Drop old kitchen table off at WHEAT services.

9. Gather interview materials.

Looking Forward To…

1. Boston explorations and dinner with my sisters (missing emmy) on Friday.

2. The end of my first grad class (August 7th!)

3. Knowing exactly what I will be doing come September.

4. Discussing Twilight with Jessie and Julianna.

5. The Olympics.

6. Seeing Stepbrothers.

Anthropolgie Wish List


bud vase

soap dish

sunny pitcher

flowery oversized tea cups

gorgeous large serving bowl


One thought on “>listless

  1. >i’ve also had my eye on those oversized tea cups. why must anthropologie mess with our hearts, flaunting beautiful things we can barely afford and barely live without?

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