>Accomplishment is the Antidote to Everything.

>I haven’t kept up nearly as well as I would like with blogging about my uneventful life. This does not mean that important things have kept me away from the computer, or that I’ve been running around with tasks that simply trump recording my thoughts. I’m just lazy. Still, so many tiny things have happened and added up that I’ll do a quick list for posterity.

1. I got my first two vintage purchases from Etsy.com; a pair of earrings that are adorable, and a pair of pendants and I’m not as wild about, but am still working to integrate into my wardrobe.

2. My friend Jessie got me absolutely hooked on a young adult romance/suspense novel series about vampires and the high school girls they fall in love with. The books are Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, and the fourth, Breaking Dawn, is being released on Saturday. I have happily devoured each 450+ page novel, and haven’t felt so giddy about finding out what will happen since reading about Ron, Harry, and Hermione’s hormones. I’ll admit that I originally scoffed over these books when I read about them in the book blogs I check out, but I’m going to admit also that I was completely wrong. I suggest them to every…girl.

3. Laurel and Jenn came out last week and we hit up my favorite diner and the Lancaster Flea Market. It was a blast. I was nervous that these city girls would not be interested in my simple food and simple pleasures, but no one can scoff at 6$ breakfast, or the endless treasures at the flea market. I ended up with some seriously cute glassware, a vintage Cinex camera, some vintage buttons for mystery sewing projects, some free fabric from an awesome woman who is encouraging me to sew, and two cute pairs of earrings. Jenn got an awesome pipe and some other treasures. Laurel got some DVDs and a cute record. We all ended up happy.

4. I went to see Shakespeare on the Common last night. This year they are performing As You Like It, and I enjoyed it more than most Shakespeare plays I’ve seen. I have a hard time with the Old English and the way that Shakespeare always has just enough emphasis on outlying characters that you get confused and begin to mix people up. This production did a good job of presenting Shakespeare by providing a synopsis (that I still needed to read twice) and using bold costumes to differentiate characters that might get mixed up. Rosalind’s heavy-handed presentation of her character, full comedy with almost no subtlety, actually held the show together and worked perfectly for the production.

That brings us to right around now. I’m still curtain hunting, and working on getting the house ready for Juju’s visit- she arrives tomorrow! I haven’t properly seen Ben in about three days, and most of the time that I’ve been home I’ve been continuously drawn to those vampire books that have me hooked. After reading them and rereading them, I gave all the copies back to Jessie so I could possibly get something done. But here I am writing; is this getting something done?

I can’t put my finger on it, but something isn’t right. My mom gave me the best advice of my life when I was a freshmen in college, struggling enormously with making a schedule and keeping myself straight. “Accomplishment is the antidote to depression.” She IMed it to me, in modern style, and I took it to heart. Instead of applying this to term papers, as she wished, I threw myself into a drastic rearrangement and redecoration of my dorm room. It was quite the accomplishment, considering the size of the room and the gentle toleration of my confused roommate. I still listen to Mama’s advice; accomplishment is the antidote to everything, including the feeling of laziness, uncertainty, discomfort, boredom, and niggling feelings of worry in the back of the brain. I’m going to go make a list.


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