>Expresso Bikes. Hell yes.

>I’m so excited to share with you the item of the week (turning into item of the month) that I have discovered. I just started going back to the gym at Fitchburg State, and discovered an entirely redone recreation center. In one short year, all the machines have been replaced by similar, black versions, the TVs are larger and more flat, and the expresso bikes came in.

The expresso bikes are like those full body car games that used to be in arcades and movie theaters, but I don’t think you can crash. In about 15 seconds, you enter an ID number and password of your choosing, and you’re off on any of 100 trails. They vary in difficulty and length, and have all different types of scenery to admire. The best part is that your heart rate, pace, and calories burned are constantly being tracked. You can steer, and need to, to stay on the course that you have chosen. You have a “pacer” bike that you can customize to the speed you want to match or beat, and you can see a bird’s-eye of the course that shows you where you are in relation to said pacer. Like Diddy Kong Racing. You can even enter your info on expresso.net and see your stats all stack up!

I’m sure there are a ton more features that I’m going to unlock about this awesome program, but I’ve only just discovered it. As soon as I spotted it from across the room I stopped trying to look serious about some wacky abs machine and raced over. It broke all my self consciousness about being back in a gym after a year and I had an awesome time. A few days later, I feel like I might have broken my ass, but I assume those bruises resolve themselves. For now, I’m counting on this novelty to help me forget that I am completing a task and actually enjoy my workouts again. What a way to mix it up!

So instead of sharing an item of the week that was food-based, as originally planned, I shared something that I’m using to hit my goals! I’m way too crazy with a summer institute for my new district and grad class, but as soon as I have time I want to tell you about my vintage jewelry purchases and my burgeoning book club! Good things are happening.


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